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ؼҿ Come back home often

: adminԴ: Wj rg: 2018-09-02

Recently, a man in the video was popular inthe internet, he was asked by a reporter about the opinion of “is it a crimefor not visiting your parent for a long time”? This man answer in a funny way,he said: “I don't care whether my son visits me or not! I think what make aperson criminal is that they don't get marry before they get 30 years old!”Even thought lots of people consider this video as nothing but a joke, but indeed, we should pay more attention to older people.

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It's understandable that government make alaw to declare the one who are not visit their parents guilty. In today'ssociety, more and more older people have living alone in an empty house, formost of common reason is that their children go to a bigger city for a betterjob, or they had a fight before, and then, the kid decides not to visit their “evil”“cliché” parents anymore. The phenomenon that older people die alone at home,and was found months or years later is not rare in today's society, we shouldgive more care to older people.

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Despite our parents give our life to enjoy the wonderful things in this world; they endure all kinds of hardships to bring up us from baby to adult. Anyone who has a little conscience would not leave their parents alone at home for a long time without any care. They will try their best to find a opportunity to visit their parents.


In short, it's ridiculous to make a law to force people to visit older people; I think people should have self-conscious to visit their parents. It's a virtue to care about older people, let alone they are your parents.




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